Task or Gift?…

9 07 2010

I’ve been trying to catch up on blogs that I haven’t read in a while. One of the blogs I frequent is Tim Hughes’ blog. I read a blog he posted in March called “Task or Gift?”. Here’s an excerpt from it:

I’ve been thinking about how we view worship. Is it something we do through our own endeavor? Or is it something we’re invited into? As worship leaders whom are we ultimately following? How do we define a successful time of worship?James Torrence, a Scottish Minister and Theologian set’s out 2 contrasting views of worship. Firstly we can view worship as something we do – we sing, we pray, we give our time and resources to the church, we regularly attend small group meetings and the like. Essentially when we view worship in this light, we see it as a task. This concept of worship often leads to a perpetual sense of weariness. Our worship can lead to burnout.

Do we see worship as a gift? Something we’re invited into? Or do we see it as a task? A laboring responsibility? For me, sometimes those lines cross and look very similar. It’s like being given a gift like a shirt, or some sort of apparel. You get it. You like it. You wear it. You wear something else. You don’t wear it so much anymore. Then you find it behind all the other shirts and realize it’s been months since you’ve worn it. Out of guilt you feel the need to start wearing it as often as you’re around the person that gave it to you. You forget that the shirt was given to you as a gift to enjoy. All of a sudden wearing a shirt became a task and you didn’t enjoy wearing it anymore. That’s what can happen with worship. It’s a gift. We’re supposed to enjoy it, but it turns into something we have to do. We are truly satisfied when we genuinely worship God. “In worshipping we receive and enjoy everything God has for us.”

You can read the whole post here.




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