The Civil Wars…

25 12 2009

i’ve recently been introduced to the civil wars by this man. i can’t stop listening to them. watch the video and you’ll see why. they have a free live album on their myspace page ( and they just released a 4 song studio EP that’s AMAZING. go check them out now!


Surprised Kitty…

15 12 2009

doesn’t matter how many times i watch it… i crack up!

Happy Birthday, Brother…

12 12 2009

Happy 32nd birthday to my brother. He was born 9 years ahead of me so that means he had to deal with a whiney, younger brother who got away with everything. I will have to agree with his post on my birthday, he probably makes me laugh harder than anyone else. (I would have a picture of said brother, but this crappy computer at work isn’t letting me attach one.)