I Have Come To The Conclusion…

17 05 2009

that my phone is the most indestructable thing i own. after hearing testimony from someone else who has the exact same phone as i and having gone through my dog’s teeth, frequent visits to concrete and now submersion in water, i believe my phone can withstand the test of time. yesterday, at the beach bum parade, i kept my phone in my pocket for an experiment. it survived about an hour of continual down pour of water, plus being submerged in a truck bed full of water. i knew there was no hope. lo and behold, it works. it’s not the coolest phone. it has no camera and it doesn’t have any of the cool standard ringtones or wallpaper, but it will survive a nuclear attack. ladies and gentlemen…….the LG AX390





2 responses

18 05 2009
Gary Durbin

your phone sucks, dude.

18 05 2009
josh vasquez

you should call your phone “la cucaracha.”

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