What Dreams May Come…

21 05 2009

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,

Must give us pause;

-William Shakespeare



The Floor Is Lava!…

19 05 2009


we have officially started looking for a house. it’s a pretty big deal and very nerve racking. the ones you want you can’t afford, the ones you can afford you don’t want. hopefully we’ll find one we can grow old in and raise a family in….. and have a proper man cave in. be praying for us and if you hear of a good deal give us a shout…… preferably one where the floor isn’t lava.

I Have Come To The Conclusion…

17 05 2009

that my phone is the most indestructable thing i own. after hearing testimony from someone else who has the exact same phone as i and having gone through my dog’s teeth, frequent visits to concrete and now submersion in water, i believe my phone can withstand the test of time. yesterday, at the beach bum parade, i kept my phone in my pocket for an experiment. it survived about an hour of continual down pour of water, plus being submerged in a truck bed full of water. i knew there was no hope. lo and behold, it works. it’s not the coolest phone. it has no camera and it doesn’t have any of the cool standard ringtones or wallpaper, but it will survive a nuclear attack. ladies and gentlemen…….the LG AX390


Water Guns + Parade = Beach Bum Parade…

14 05 2009


so if you live anywhere near Tybee Island in Savannah, GA you should go to the Beach Bum Parade. it’s happening tomorrow night around 7:00 i believe. bring a water gun and be prepared to be drinched from head to toe. you can get more info here.

::Album Review::…

9 05 2009

i don’t normally do an “album review” unless i really feel like an album deserves it. and not that there is a massive amount of people that read this blog, but i still feel the need to share music. so with that said, here’s an album i can’t stop listening to…

00017293it’s truly a great album. i’m not the kind of guy who breaks down every song and uses big words to describe them so you’ll just have to do that on your own. i’m going to see them in June opening for The Fray and i can’t wait. it’s going to be amazing to hear these masterpieces live. if you don’t know anything about Jack’s Mannequin then click here and read up.  to break it down……go buy this album!

Not Feeling Well…

6 05 2009


i’m sick…

i don’t know which is greater. the guy that posed for the picture…or the guy that took the time to sketch it.