Top 5…

3 04 2009

today’s Top 5 is all about Movies That Make You Cry. i watched one of them the other night and decided to post a Top 5 about this. here below is my Top 5 movies that can make me cry nearly everytime i watch them:

  1. Cinderella Man
  2. Awakenings
  3. Million Dollar Baby
  4. I Am Sam
  5. Saving Private Ryan

as i say everytime, these are not permanent choices. they are the selections of what i can recall at this point and time. so…what’s your Top 5?




3 responses

3 04 2009
Gary Durbin

I still have never cried in a movie…nothing I’m proud of. I remember welling up in Ghost, Hoosiers, and an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but no tears as of yet.

4 04 2009

1. P.S. I Love you
2. Steele Magnolias
3. Pursuit of Happiness
4. The Notebook
5. Finding Neverland

there are more movies that i have cried in, but these I cry in almost EVERY time!!

7 04 2009

1. the notebook
2. seven pounds
3. click
4. lion king
5. titanic

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