Kiss Me, I’m Not Completely Irish… but I Have a Small Amount of Irish Heritage Somewhere Down the Line. Enough For Me To Use the Line “Kiss Me I’m Not Completely Irish” With Sincerity…

17 03 2009

i will not even attempt to explain to you the origins of such a glorious day, as my friend Rick has already taken the liberty of doing so. i direct you to Rick’s blog. so to the handful of you who read this blog…happy st. patrick’s day!



13 03 2009

2463so if you know me then you know that David Crowder Band is quite possibly my favorite band. i love everything they’ve done. i have all their stuff. if you don’t have any DCB i must ask you to stop what you are doing and grace your ears with the sweetest of all bounties. anywho, they’re back in the studio and last time they recorded an album they set up web cams in the studio so you could see the magic happen. they’re doing the same thing now. it’s not like streaming video or anything, it’s more or less a picture like every ten frames or something. still pretty cool and i figured if you get bored you’ll have something to check up on. click here.

Chuck Norris fashion…

4 03 2009


i’ve never been more confident about my roundhouse capabilities in a pair of jeans before now!

seriously, if you find some… them immediately.