Amp’d Mobile = Genius?…

27 02 2009

here is one of Amp’d Mobile’s infamous commercials. i do have to put a warning out there…this video may offend you if you do not want to hear one, (1), curse word in your entire lifetime. enjoy.



Church Planters…

23 02 2009

conference. church planters conference that is. tomorrow and tuesday i, along with others, are going to a church planters conference here in atlanta. i say “here in atlanta” because i am actually here in atlanta. that’s right! in atlanta! anywho, i’m looking forward to it. here’s some pics of mikey and i on the road.

the one on the right is ryan digging photo booth.

Step Right Up…

17 02 2009

carnival-invite-e-vitebe there!!!


6 02 2009

so my wife told me about this fantastic online goodie known as Pandora Radio. notice the words “Pandora Radio” are linked so you can join in on this little jewel. if you have iTunes then the word “Genius” should make sense to you. if it doesn’t allow me to explain. the “Genius” bar on iTunes allows you to see other bands/songs/singers that have the same sound or are closely related to the artist that you selected in your music library. therefore, showing you other artists that you may have never heard of. new music! it’s the coolest thing. anywho, someone decided to do that with an online radio….Pandora Radio! when you go to the site you set up an account for free and type in artists you like and it will play songs from them along with other artists that have the same sound as they do. so, just like Genius, you’re getting to hear different artists! it’s awesome. i highly recommend it! check it out!

The Day the Music Died…

3 02 2009


50 years ago today, was a day known as the day the music died. notably inspired by Don McLean’s 1971 hit “American Pie”. a pioneer of rock and roll, Buddy Holly died in a plane crash along with two other musicians only a year and a half after his success in the music industry. i personally don’t have any music from Buddy Holly but i’ve heard it and i love it. i kind of like that era of music anyway. so for those of you who are like me and don’t have any Buddy Holly music, go to the store, itunes or whereever and get it.

Top 5…

3 02 2009

today’s Top 5 is all about the Citites. i’ve been a few places in my life and i’d like to share with you the top 5 of the cities i’ve been to. here we go…

  1. New York City, NY
  2. San Diego, CA
  3. Savannah, GA
  4. Orlando, FL
  5. Cancun, MX

so there they are! my Top 5 cities. these are by no means permanent choices, but as for the time being they are my top choices.

what’s your Top 5?