Alas and Did My Mac Bleed…

29 12 2008

n500627026_944693_9332my mac is having some problems. all mac-haters love that sentence. anywho, it had a couple of updates and they required for the computer to either be shut down or restarted. since i was doing some work on said computer, i clicked restart. it stayed on the screen with the apple logo and the little dial for hours. i left it on all night to see if it was just a really harsh update, but alas, no hope. we sent gave it to AIS and it will now be a couple of days before i see it again.

one of my friends sarcastically said, “i thought those things don’t break!”. they don’t…. they play with your emotions.




2 responses

29 12 2008

i am so sorry! If you need to come over and visit my macbook you can!

30 12 2008

if you have apple care, we can run it over and say it spontaneously combusted!

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