I’ve Got Dreams, Dreams to Remember…

19 12 2008



1. a person who dreams.
2. a person who lives in a world of fantasy; one who is impractical and unrealistic.
3. a person whose ideas or projects are considered audacious or highly speculative; visionary.

i decided a while ago, that the way Jesus lived his life is the best possible way to live mine. with that comes some major responsiblities and criticism. Jesus was always changing the way people viewed God and how they viewed their own faith. he was a dreamer.

a person who was impractical and unrealistic.

a person whose projects were audacious or highly speculative.

a visionary.

he was all of the above to the people he affected the most. and those people were ultimately the ones that put him to death.

we are called to be the dreamers of this grace that he has so graciously given us. you might even say that the grace i speak of is in and of itself “unrealistic”. there will be times when the faith we live out seems unrealistic, audacious, highly speculative, and impractical. but i take a lot of comfort in knowing that that is what most people thought of Jesus in his day. i’m not saying to be stupid and make stupid decisions. i’m just saying that some of it might not always make any sense at the time. if we don’t do it, someone else will. and if no one else does it, then the rocks from the earth will do it. how much sense does that make? it doesn’t……not to us anyway.

last night a small group of dreamers from Canvas went to the movie theater where will be meeting starting in january. we prayed in the parking lot over the movie theater, the people of savannah, and our purpose as a church. starting a church is a perfect example of a life of uncertainty. we know that God has put us together for a purpose and given us a vision for this city. it might not make sense to anyone else and we’ve already seen criticism but it’s what we’re called to do.

i’m a dreamer.




4 responses

19 12 2008

i think that is the best blog i have read in a long time. thanks for that.

21 12 2008
Gary Durbin

I read in a book recently that the loneliest leader is sometimes a prophet with a message that cuts through the generations. You gotta dream, and it takes faith. “…all men are created equal…” was someone’s dream once. Great post.

21 12 2008

i totally agree, everything Christ was about was completely different than anyone had ever seen, even to the way he came… i didnt make sense because they didnt expect Him to be what he was.

29 12 2008
Dwight Durbin

I’m proud in a good sense to be reminded that you’re thinking about tomorrow and about people who need Jesus. If we don’t ever dream, nothing will come true. Thank you relating that dreaming unselfishly is what it’s all about.

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