Your Church Sucks…

4 12 2008


sometimes i wonder if the church signs in my city will read like this one day. i’m not going to name any names or churches or anything. but i know from experience that that is the mentality that most churches have around here.

i was involved in a local conference here in savannah this past year called the react conference. if you’re in savannah or outside the city somewhere, i would love to invite you to come and be a part of it. anywho, we asked a bunch of different local churches to partner in with us to make this thing happen and really try to make an impact in all our local colleges. long story short, nobody wanted any part of it and we had to drastically downsize our plans. no worries though, it was a great weekend. the reason, and i know this for a fact, that nobody wanted to help is because the joining of churches has a risk of their church losing members to another church. those of us who were heading up the conference couldn’t believe it. it’s sad to think that churches who are proclaiming they have what the world is in need of, that they have the grace and peace and love that extends to everyone of any size, shape and color are afraid that if they help another church they’ll lose members and their tithe. it disgusts me to think that people who proclaim the same beliefs i do are carelessly putting to shame everything we believe in just because the might lose members. really?! seriously?!

i hope one day we can get to the point where we can all work together without any jealousy or envy towards each other. that we can forget about ourselves and put others first. to be who were meant to be… brothers and sisters.




2 responses

5 12 2008

That day will come my friend… most likely after Jesus comes back.

5 12 2008

Hey man, check out the David Ramirez Band- Jesus and the Budget…I think it will tickle your fancy in cahutes with this post. Love ya man, it was good seeing you this weekend!

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