Sweet n Soft…

2 12 2008

photo-162if you find yourself wondering what is so special about this glorious 2-ply invention that i hold in my hand so delicately, then i apologize that you cannot join in in the laughter and celebration of said toilet paper. this is for those who were there. and yes, it sweet and soft!




6 responses

2 12 2008

it is absolutely glorious! its majestic sweetness and untameable softness speaks volumes about its matchless splendor.

2 12 2008

yall are dorks!

2 12 2008

where the heck did you find it? It’s pretty much the greatest discovery since the Dead Sea Scrolls!

3 12 2008
Miranda Cooper

im speechless…

4 12 2008
Jennifer Durbin

I’m going to your bathroom for now on when I’m home…mom & dad’s toilet paper….need I say more.

4 12 2008
Gary Durbin

That was actually my comment above. Jennifer has been tampering.

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