Happy Thanksgiving…

27 11 2008


Happy Thanksgiving! today i will be spending time with my in-laws and eating all the traditional Thanksgiving trimmings. i spent yesterday with my family and we went to Cracker Barrel. awesome. seriously….it was awesome. anyway, i know there’s a lot of people who say this, but i hope we don’t just focus on ourselves today or fill the day with glutton-like activities and not even think about those who would gladly take our leftovers that we’ll probably throw out in a couple of days because, “leftovers don’t taste as good as when they were fresh.” instead, let’s put them first and pray that they might find a warm meal and home today. that maybe for once in a long time they’ll get so full that they can’t eat anymore. i’m going to refer you to my good friend Mikey’s blog to get an idea of what i’m talking about. i’m not as good as he is at putting things into words.

let’s make this year different. let’s be the church. so, as my friend James says, “Happy we stole land from and brought the pox to the American Indians Day!” or….

Happy Thanksgiving!




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