5 11 2008

ok so here we go. i’m not angry or upset or frustrated that Barack Obama is our new president. this is not a post to persuade anyone to become an Obamamaniac or anything. i’m not saying that McCain sucks or that he’s unfit to take our country where it needs to go. i’m not trying to start a fight. now, with that out of the way, can i be honest and open? okay.

i know a lot of people who are unhappy with the results of this election. but seriously, let’s get over it. last night history was made. whether you think it was good history or bad history, it was history. now, race is not a valid reason to vote for someone, and i hope that wasn’t the case. but our country took a giant step forward in living up to “all men are created equal.” for the first time ever, we have a black president. i think that as the world was watching as a black man was announced president, they saw the “land of the free.” either way you look at it, McCain or Obama would’ve been a huge step. Obama- first black president. McCain- first woman VP. huge progress either way. personally i’m proud of this. sure the issues might be different but it’s still progress.

Obama will not be perfect. no president has ever made all the right decisions, but they were put in that position for a reason. so as we head into these next four years, let’s just show some love. you don’t have to like him, but you can show a little love. right? i didn’t vote for Obama, but i know that black or white, man or woman, democrat or republican it’s going to be ok. the world is not coming to an end. let’s continue to be the church and make the changes we need in our world through our actions. let’s accept whoever God put in control of our country and know that God is in control.





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