16 random things about myself…

3 11 2008

i have been tagged by my brother, Gary, so i will keep this going.

  1. i just got done with a ten day fast called the Daniel Fast (Daniel 1)
  2. i alphabetize all of my dvd’s and cd’s. if i get a new one, we shift the others to make it fit
  3. i can read up to 3 books at a time
  4. i’m 6’0″
  5. my favorite color is blue
  6. i hate running
  7. i have a strange love for the new Taylor Swift song, “Love Story”
  8. i love maple nut goodies
  9. i don’t like regular sodas that much anymore. i mostly drink diet stuff
  10. i’m scared of tubing, kneeboarding, waterskiiing, or any other kind of water sport
  11. i have a passion for music and movies
  12. i can’t stand Cloris Leachman
  13. i have a secret talent of doing really good impressions of people
  14. i dislike my singing voice
  15. i used to be good at basketball
  16. sometimes when i’m in my car i act like i’m being interviewed by someone. don’t know why

so that’s it. i now will be tagging: Doug GarvinJames Bridwell, Jared Gunter, Jeremy Gardner and Miranda Cooper.




One response

4 11 2008
Gary Durbin

maple nut goodies….i forgot all about thee…I must get them soon.

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