i’m bothered…

8 10 2008

i’m bothered by people who think that their opinion is so satisfactory and interesting to themselves, that it must be the same for everyone else so they use their opinion as strong, solid, concrete theology and then close their minds to other opinions. sure, i have opinions on things, but i don’t use them as a way to change minds and prove other opinions wrong. they’re opinions… that’s all. 

that’s not what we’re here for. that’s not what Christ died for. this is a little controversial, but i feel the need to use John Lennon to prove a spiritual point: “Love, Love, Love.” let’s do that. let’s love and accept and be Christ and be the Church to those who see Christianity and Church as a bunch of people who are fighting over opinions. to find an end to opinions, read this.




3 responses

8 10 2008


8 10 2008
Miranda Cooper

i struggle with that a whole lot. thanks for the reminder that i’m not all that and a bag o’ chips…

4 12 2008
Stephen Stonestreet

if i may say, i agree. i just posted something on that very topic: http://stephenstonestreet.wordpress.com/2008/12/04/my-destiny/

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