Yes, i’m blogging about politics…

3 10 2008

nothing big, just the debate between Biden and Palin last night. i’ve watched presidential debates before, but i never really paid attention to them. i really tried to psych myself up for this one and really listen to what each candidate had to say. i was shocked to find myself on the edge of my chair listening very intently to every word. i’m not a very political person at all… in fact i never talk politics to anyone except for a few very close friends. so i’m not going to argue a certain side and you probably will never know who i voted for so there won’t be any arguments over stupid crap.

so what’s the point of this post, you ask? i don’t know. it was the first debate that i actually took in and i came out of it with more information and more of an understanding for who’s running for VP. and i found that Joe Biden has an uncanny resemblence to that of Charlton Heston…. sometimes.





One response

6 10 2008
Chris Hickox

You are one crazy kat! Usually, I read your blogs to get some amazingly odd info., but…….well, I guess it was a little odd. I don’t think can consider that blog as political!!

Talk at ya later, little fella!


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