Top 5…

1 10 2008

today’s Top 5 is about Movies. now if you know me, you know that it is very seldom that i ever talk about favorite movies or even saying i have a favorite movie. this was very difficult, and you might think of the selections as weird, but i searched through some movies and i picked ones that were influential in a film sense and ones that i know i could watch and still be amazed at how good they really are. so here it goes:

  1. The Godfather
  2. Garden State
  3. There Will Be Blood
  4. The Sixth Sense
  5. Gangs of New York
these are by no means permanent, but for now they hold the spot of Top 5. what’s yours?



One response

1 10 2008
Gary Durbin

Planet of the Apes (original)
The Truman Show
The Last Castle

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