Canvas core group…

22 09 2008

so last night we had our third Canvas core group meeting. we had around 35 people! it’s awesome to see people catch on and grow as a group. God is going to do amazing things with this church and this city.

Doug is teaching a series through Nehemiah and the vision that God has for us. he said something last night that’s been ringing in my ears: “If it’s your vision, you’re limited to your power and your resources. If it’s God’s vision, your limited to His power and His resources.” it’s simple, but it’s powerful. i can’t imagine trying to start a church with just my power and resources. it wouldn’t make it. i wouldn’t make it. and we also came to the conclusion that we get too worried about the HOW than the WHAT. we’ll get this vision and or this WHAT and want to dive head first into it. but then we get to HOW. to many visions die right there. when we let go and let God take care of HOW it’s going to work and HOW everything is going to take place and HOW everything is going to get paid for, we immediately let our possibilities be endless. in the words of Mark Tanner: “we God-size it.”




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