Where have I been you ask?…

16 09 2008

i’m gonna tackle three things in this one so stay with me. it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and i’m exhausted! we had the React Conference over the weekend. and we started core group meetings at Canvas. and our internet is taken from my parent’s wireless so it comes and goes.

The REACT Conference:

the React conference was awesome. honestly, i’m not sure how many students were there, but if i were to guestimate…..i’d say around 60-70. but that’s not what it’s about. we had an amazing time of worship and reflection this past weekend. on the technical side, it was sweet. we had more than we were used to but we welcomed it with open arms as we were lead by our fearless sound/tech man, Jared “that’s what she said” Gunter. it was just really cool to have a whole weekend devoted to the influence of God.

CANVAS Core Group:

this is really exciting to me, because i feel that God is going to do amazing things with Canvas Church. it’s so refreshing to be part of something so new and so ready to be the church instead of go to church. so far we’re meeting in a living room but after only two weeks we have to find a bigger place. we’re doing a study in Nehemiah and going over the vision that’s been laid on Doug’s heart and the Canvas team. it’s really exciting to see Canvas coming alive and blooming. for those of you interested, Doug Garvin is the Lead Pastor and is an absolutely captivating jazz flautist…….not really.

Bad Internet Connection:

that’s pretty much it. i have a bad wireless signal………..that’s all.




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23 09 2008

i love you durbin!

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