29 08 2008

we babysat for our friends Jeff and Melissa last night. Caroline is her name and playing with shoes and pots and pans is her game. we had a blast.



Tortilla Slaps

27 08 2008

Charlie bit me…

19 08 2008

Christmas come early!

19 08 2008

yes it is true. i do hold in my hand Charlie Hall- “The Bright Sadness” and David Crowder Band- “Remedy Club Tour CD/DVD”. my ears have never been tantalized like this before. i’m not sure if i can handle it. and notice the date. yeah, the day before either of them hit the stores. feels good.

Seven Places

12 08 2008

this is a video I made a few years ago. it still gets to me every time i watch it.

Top 5

11 08 2008

today’s Top 5 is all about “albums”. the following top 5 albums are all based on influence, production of the album and listening to the whole album and not getting tired of it.

  1. “Invade My Soul” – By The Tree
  2. “If I Left the Zoo” – Jars of Clay
  3. “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most” – Dashboard Confessional
  4. “Again, For the First Time” – Bleach
  5. “Flying Into Daybreak” – Charlie Hall

so there they are. my Top 5 Albums. what’s yours?

An Announcement

10 08 2008