Selah in the park

27 07 2008

today i went to Selah in the Park. it’s something we do once a month where we go to Forsyth Park and pass out water and/or hot dogs and hamburgers. today was freakin crazy! i’ve never seen so many people come up to get hot dogs and water. most of them were actually homeless. i was blown away today by a man i’d never met before. every person that came by our table and took a hot dog made sure they took the time to express their gratitude for what we were doing. but this one guy in particular at the end of the day, right before we left told me:

guy: “I really do appreciate what ya’ll are doin’ out here.”

me: “Ah, no problem man. Anytime.”

guy: “Ya know, I wasn’t too sure if I was goin’ to eat today, but you guys came down and gave me food.”

me: “…………………..”

guy: “Thank ya’ll so much.”

i didn’t know what to say. i take everything for granted. my wife, my apartment, my car(s), the full refrigerator, the almost full pantry, the clothes in my drawers i never wear, the job i have, everything else i can’t think of right now…… and this guy didn’t even know if he was going to eat today. i am way too blessed for my own good. it seems like i walk away from every Selah in the Park with a changed attitude. i wish i was this grateful everyday. it’s sad that i am only grateful for what i have when i see those who would be grateful for a hot dog and a bottle of water.




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