Love Wins

21 07 2008

I hope that you find through this blog, me or anything else that “love wins”, and that with that comes grace and peace. This life has brought me many questions and many answers that I’m now, at this point in my life, coming to find are true and right. And one of the few things that I’ve come to know that is true and solid and not faltering is love wins. No matter what the outcome may appear to be…somewhere…love wins. I may know who you are and I may not. You may know who I am and you may not. But if you’re hurting…grace and peace. If you’ve come to an end to your journey and you’re not sure what to do…grace and peace. If you’re not sure what’s right and what’s wrong and you can’t tell because you’ve been used far beyond your physical and mental means…grace and peace to you. I hope you find that love will always win and you find a glimpse of that through this blog.




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