God, Trust, and The Devil’s Lettuce…

24 01 2014

It has been 3 years since I’ve used this here blog. I haven’t had too much to put out into the inter-webs until now.

I have been in Savannah for the past 16 years. Rachel has lived in Savannah her whole life.  16 years ago God let His Spirit work in my parents hearts and called them here to be a part of a local church and subsequently for me to be a part of not only that church and the various ministries therein but also to help start and lead worship at a church plant for the last 5 years. I met Rachel in the 6th grade when we first moved here and 9 years later convinced her to marry me and devote our lives to each other and the path God has laid out for us. We’ve been through a lot here. We’ve grown exponentially here (spiritually and otherwise). We are who we are because of the time we’ve spent here and the people we’ve come to call friends and family. I’ve been blessed to have worked at car dealership for the last 8 years making a good living and working for and with some great people. Rachel has been able to work at various places in massage therapy and now has been able to be an at-home nanny for amazing kids. Both of our families live in the same city with us and we’ve been able to see them whenever we want and have never had to miss a holiday because of distance. We bought our first house in Pooler just outside of Savannah and have called it home for the last 4 years. Savannah is our home. It’s where our whole life is. Logically, we would never leave such a good situation with friends, family, jobs, and comfort. That’s where God comes in.

If you know any stories from the Bible you can usually find a place where God moves someone out of a comfortable situation and asks them to go somewhere or do something that’s completely out of left field. Sometimes it seems stupid, irrational, unconventional, irresponsible and in some cases impossible. But at the end you see the conclusion. You see the irrational become rational and the impossible become possible. That’s God’s M.O.. All that God ever requires of anyone He’s calling is to be obedient because obedience to God is freedom from failure.

It’s time for Rachel and I to be obedient.

About 6 months ago, Rachel and I started having these weird feelings (an “unsettling” as we’ve called it). It wasn’t because we were unhappy with where we were in any aspect of our lives or anything like that. We actually started talking about the years ahead and what they would bring for not only our family but our ministry as well. It was more of a…..”God’s doing something and I don’t know what it is” kind of a feeling. Personally, this brought on conversations between God and I about being in full-time ministry and asking Him to show me whether that was ever going to be a possibility for me. Through these prayers I also talked with and gained wisdom from my pastor and my brother. I’ve always felt full-time ministry was where I was supposed to be but nothing was happening for me.

3 weeks later my brother called me and told me about a part-time worship/media position at their church that had just come up and his pastor asked about me for the job. His church is in Denver, Colorado. In all honesty, I never had Denver on my radar. We knew God could call us anywhere and put us with any church but we never really thought it would be anywhere outside of the state of Georgia. At first we both were like, “Nope. Not moving across the country for a part-time job. Not. Gonna. Happen.” But after getting past ourselves we took the rest of the week to think and pray about it just in case this really was God doing something in our lives. We ended up pursuing it and on January 5th we flew out to Denver to confirm what we felt God was leading us to. God showed up in a few different ways that week to help us know that Denver was where we are suppose to be.

We are moving to Denver…

Realizing that and acting on it has been one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do. It’s not without hesitation and some pushing back against God that we came to this realization but it’s also been with the love and grace of Christ leading us through it and showing us that He is in control and He holds our future in His hands.

This is where Trust comes in.

We have to trust that God knows why He wants us there and that being obedient does lend itself to freedom from failure. It may not look rational, responsible, conventional or even possible to us and others that we’re making a move across the country. But we know God is leading us and we need to follow. We need to allow God to prove to us that He can make the irrational, rational. And the impossible, possible. Trust isn’t always easy but it’s the price of obedience.

Everyone that we know has played an intricate part not only in our individual lives but our married life as well and we are thankful for and love every single one of you. We would not be who we are  without all of you. I pray that when God calls you to do something or go somewhere or be somebody that you are obedient. We are to reflect Jesus as He was here on Earth and His 33 years on this earth can be summarized into one word………obedience. Be obedient to God and be free from your own failures.

Lastly, as so many of you have jokingly asked, the legalization of Whacky Tobaccy was incredibly coincidental and has in no way shaped or influenced our decision to move to Colorado. 😉

We love you guys and are thankful for all of you!


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3 03 2011

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We are really excited about what’s happening and can’t wait to see how God allows us to use this building for his kingdom! Here’s a pic of what it looks like as of yesterday…

Yeah, we’ve been doing a little demo work. But just wait ’til you see what it looks like when we’re done! There’s a couple more pics up on the Canvas Blog where we’ll be keeping you updated on the progress. Go check it out!

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